Bernard Tomic quits I’m A Celebrity China

Bernard Tomic has been slammed as “a quitter” by Network Ten host Julia Morris, after she confirmed live on television he has departedI’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!

Tomic, however, described his short time in the jungle as “a wake up call” which had prompted him to want a return to tennis.

When news of the shock departure was revealed to other contestants, Tomic said “it’s my fault”.

“I don’t want to spend half my time depressed here and thinking about how I played the last year and where I should be,” he said.

“I’m just depressed. I’m thinking I’ve never had time to think about my thoughts. I’ve always had people around. Aways have my mobile phone and my life is fast paced and everything has slowed down the last three or four days,” Tomic said.

Tomic farewells I’m A Celebrity contestants. Photo: Ten

Tomic was questioned repeatedly on air by an executive producer if he was “really, really sure” about his decision and he confirmed he was.

Even before the footage fromI’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!had aired, Morris and her co-host Chris Brown revealed the official news of Tomic’s departure onThe Project.

“He has gone,” Morris toldThe Projecthost Carrie Bickmore when asked whether Tomic was going to stay on the program.

Viewers of the jungle-based show, which is filmed in South Africa, got the same message as soon as Tuesday night’s episode began.

“Bernard Tomic is out,” saidI’m A Celebrityco-host Chris Brown.

“He’s the first celebrity in the history of the show to pack up and say ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’,” Brown added.

“We can confirm after a very difficult couple of days Bernard Tomic has made the even more difficult decision to quit the jungle,” Morris said.

“We can confirm, right here and right now and give you guys the exclusive!” Bernard Tomic is out of the #ImACelebrityAU jungle! Cheers for the scoop, @Ladyjmo and @drchrisbrown! Thoughts? #TheProjectTVpic.twitter老域名购买/lIbG0OUWBx

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— #ImACelebrityAU (@ImACelebrityAU) January 30, 2018

He also admitted to having initial doubts about joining the reality series.

“I’ve never done the things I’ve done here in the camp and meeting you people was something that’s going to be special and stay with me for the rest of my life,” Tomic told the other contestants.

“But I doubted myself a couple of times before I got here and I wasn’t sure if I should come, if it was the right move.”

Although Tomic departed the set of the reality series before the third night of the series went to air, Ten’s producers were continuing to promote a studio interview with him at the end of Tuesday’s night’s program to discuss his reasons for leaving.

Tomic is expected to return to from South Africa after completing his final contractual obligations to the show.

In a frank studio interview with Morris and Brown, Tomic defended his decision to leave.

“It wasn’t about getting bitten by snakes or jumping off the plane or the first time camping or the first-time cliff trials, it was about me being depressed and thinking ‘is it the right thing to do?’ when I knew it wasn’t,” Tomic said.

He said emphatically “it wasn’t a publicity stunt”.

“I had to get out of there. I had to leave and go back into training and do what I do best.”

Morris said she and Brown had differing opinions about Tomic’s decision. Brown showed concern for Tomic’s emotional state, while Morris said she was disappointed in him.

“The way I see it and correct me if I’m wrong, for me this goes beyond you as a tennis player, a celebrity. When I’ve been watching you in the camp, you’re not a happy guy,” Brown said to Tomic.

“I don’t care about anything else, about your tennis or your tennis career, I want you in a year’s time to be happy. Is that a priority of yours, as a person, just to be happy?” Brown said.

Tomic said he was grateful for Brown’s question and said he had struggled since arriving on set.

“As soon as I got there my mind was a bit twisted,” Tomic said. “And the more hours I spent in there, the more depressed I came.”

Brown openly questioned whether Tomic’s attitude towards tennis could have seriously changed within just three days of a jungle experience.

Tomic stood by the fact he didn’t love tennis but said “I like tennis a lot. I like it so much but I don’t love it”.

He seemed to indicate he still wanted to return to it.

“I missed the whole last year and was disappointed with myself. The last month and half training, doing the right thing, playing … has given me the energy of where I need to be in my career”.

Tomic told the hosts he was thinking about his commitment to tennis ahead of flying to South Africa for the filming of the series.

“I was thinking about those thoughts just before I flew here,” Tomic said. “As I got here I only realised after a day or two it was the wrong move. It was my fault and I have to take it on the chest like a man and get back into training now”.

After the shock departure of Tomic, producers of the show are relying on the arrival of a new contestant on Wednesday night to keep viewers engaged.

It is widely rumoured to be Anthony Mundine’s boxing rival Danny Green.

Meanwhile Mundine was busy showing his softer side on Tuesday night’s episode by actually doing the dishes – a job he previously described as “a woman’s role”.

Despite all his bluster, he meekly followed contestant Jackie Gillies when she told him it was his turn to do the dishes.

“Guess what, you’re going to come wash with me,” Gillies told him.

“Yeah mate, yeah champ,” was Mundine’s reply.

“I’m going to educate you … the man’s role, its called equality,” she said.

Mundine said: “I’m more than capable. I wanted to learn a woman’s role. That’s all I want to do, I want to learn how hard she works.”

He also admitted he had never lived alone.

“I’m used to being catered to I suppose. I’m not used to fending for myself and washing dishes,” Mundine said.

Gillies assured him he would only need to do it again “tomorrow night”.

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