CCTV footage: Aldi worker knocked out in vicious baseball bat attack at Albion Park Rail

Aldi worker knocked out in vicious baseball bat attack Mervyn Davidson swings his aluminium bat at an Aldi worker …

… hitting her in the side of the head and knocking her unconscious.

The woman instantly collapses to the ground …

… as fellow shoppers flee the area.

Davidson kicks the unconscious woman in the head …

… before attempting to open the till.

A shopper in a black T-shirt confronts Davidson …

… and rams him with a trolley …

… while a male employee runs up behind Davidson …

… and grabs him in a bear hug.

Both men wrestle with Davidson in an attempt to disarm him.

A thong-wearing tradie assists in restraining Davidson until police arrive.

TweetFacebookCCTV footage has revealed the shocking moment a female Aldi worker was knocked unconscious with a baseball bat in a botched armed robbery at the supermarket giant’s Albion Park Rail store.

Video of the January 2017 incident playedin Wollongong court on Monday shows the womanserving customers inside the Ash Road storewhen her drug-fuelled attacker, Mervyn Davidson, stormsthrough the entrance carrying an aluminium baseball bat.

He approaches the victim, who is on the till closest to the door, and swings the bat towards her face, hitting her in the right side of her head.

The woman instantly collapses to the ground unconscious as fellow shoppers scatter in fear. Davidson then kicks the woman in a bid to get closer to till,yelling “open the register, give me the money, open the till”.

An unidentified shopperin a black t-shirt confronts Davidson and rams him with a trolley, while a male employeeruns up behind Davidson and grabs him in a bear hug.

Both men then wrestle with Davidson in an attemptto disarm him. They are soonassisted by another shopper and the trio restrain Davidson until police arrive.

Footage captured from a different camera angle shows the entire incident unfoldsin front of a young boy, whose father tries to shield him from the confronting scene.

Court documents reveal the victim was in Wollongong Hospital for five days with bleeding on the brain and facial fractures. Sheis yet to return to work full time.

Meantime, Davidson went on to puncha police officer in the face while in custody, then two days later,choked his cellmate unconscious in Silverwater jail.

Davidson was charged over all three incidents and eventually pleaded guilty.

At his sentence hearingon Monday, Davidson said he was under the influence of ice at the time and had nomemory of his actions, however was sorry for the harm he’d caused.

“I shouldn’t have done it,” he said.

“If she [the employee] was here I’d apologise to her.”

Judge Andrew Haesler said Davidson had a lengthy criminal history however no similar matters on his record.

He said Davidson’s prospects of rehabilitation hinged on whether he could remain drug-free in the community.

Davidson will be sentenced next Thursday.

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