Doreen and Allan Goldies are celebrating 65 years of a marriage deeply embedded in travel, love and Wallsend

YOUNG AT HEART: Doreen and Allan are still “as in love as 65 years ago”, their family has said. Picture: supplied.In the day and age of speed dating, relationship apps and quick flings, one Wallsend couple is proving that more than half a century doesn’t take the edge off love.

Doreen (nee Cohen) and Allan Goldie are celebrating their ‘blue sapphire’ anniversary –65 years together on Wednesday, January 31.

It’s quite impressive when considering research in the UK last year revealed that the average relationship for young adults in 2017 was just 4.2 years.

So how did Doreen and Allan break the millennial relationshiprecord by 60.8 years?

“They have just always had fun around each other,” the Goldies’ daughter, Michelle, revealed. “They travel a lot now that they’re getting older and all the photos they take just have them smiling and laughing their heads off.”

A Wallsend love story spanning 65 years LONG-LASTING: Doreen and Allan’s marriage, and love, has stood the test of time.

Doreen and Allan with their letters of congratulations.

Doreen and Allan.

Doreen and Allan at the at The Great Wall of China, June 9 2017.

Doreen and Allan on their wedding day on January 31, 1953.

On a cruise at the Luxor Temple in Egypt, June 17 2013.

TweetFacebookAlthough the long-standing couple now live in Wangi Wangi, Wallsend featured heavily in their story.

Both born in the Newcastle suburb, they met when Allan was 15 and Doreen was 13.

In the 1940s young adults who were ‘courting’ weren’t allowed to be alone, but Allan found a loophole when they would both sit on the Cohen family porch.

It was on another naughty escape from their guardians that Allan first kissed Doreen on the cheek in the paddocks behind their house.

They were married 6 years later, on January 31, 1953, at the Wallsend Methodist Church.

From there, the family blossomed –the loving couple have welcomed 4 children, 10 grandchildren and (so far) 7 great grandchildren into their family.

Doreen and Allan spend most of their time travelling now, and are partial to relaxing cruises all over the world –only if they’re together however.

“They’re old school, they spend nearly no time apart,” Michelle said. “It’s a wonder they don’t get sick of each other, but I think that’s part of what makes their relationship so special.”

“They hold hands, everything they do they do together. It’s rare that they’re apart, and mum just keeps doting on dad like they’re still dating.

“I suppose you get sick of tired of yourself when you’re doing things, let alone someone else. There’s been less than you could count on one hand the times they’ve done separate things.”

One such occasion was on the eve of a friend’s wedding, when Allan was on the bucks night and Doreen was on the hens evening.

While playing pool, Allan had a cramp in his leg so bad he had to lay down to alleviate, and meanwhile at the hen’s night Doreen was going through a similar struggle.

“The next day we realised they had got a cramp in the same leg at the same time, even though they weren’t together,” Michelle said. “That might give you an indication of how close they are.”

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