Perth Stadium streaker says ‘peer pressure’ won for his nudie run

He’s facing a $5000 fine and has been banned from all Cricket matches for three years.

But the man who streaked during ‘s ODI clash with England on Sunday reckons he has no regrets.

“I talked the talk so I had to walk the walk,” former Kalgoorlie City footballer Ben Jenkins told 9 News Perth

The 23-year-old Toodyay man had been celebrating the Day long weekend with friends and in the midst of the three-day bender he hatched a plan to be the first streaker at the $1.5 billion venue.

“I sat there for a long time, I was looking at every security guard and the path I was going to take and I was just thinking, ‘I really don’t want to do this anymore’,” the plumber and gas fitter said.

“Peer pressure won. When the time was ripe and the clothes came off, there was no turning back.”

Mr Jenkins evaded security for about half a minute in the 17th over with 2/92 chasing England’s 260 in the first international match at the new multimillion-dollar stadium, just as n captain Steve Smith hit Adil Rashid out to mid wicket for three runs.???

He was swiftly tackled to the ground and now faces a fine of about $5000 for his fun run.

It is understood Mr Jenkins has been banned by Cricket from all venues for 36 months, saying it has a “zero tolerance policy against anybody looking to come to the cricket and interrupt the match by entering the field of play”.

He has since set up a Go Fund Me, and has received a generally positive response.

“A true n icon,” Darcy Parket said.

“$50 coming your way Ben,” Jules Bradley-Woodhead wrote.

In just three hours the page had already raised more than $2000.

Optus Stadium CEO Mike McKenna wasn’t impressed with Mr Jenkin’s carrying out the questionable n tradition at the first event at the stadium.

“It was disappointing he got past security, and it was disappointing he made it past the boundary,” he said.

“I think it’s dangerous, it’s a dangerous practice, no one likes that sort of thing.

“The crowd gets excited… but there can be a risk to our players.”

Close to 54,000 fans attended the new Perth Stadium its first major sporting event.

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