Sabre Norris speaks about her health and medical condition

‘I cry in my bed’: Surfing champion knows she can’t hide from her health battle Sabre Norris.

Sabre Norris on the Ellen Show.

Sabre Norris and Tony Hawk.

Sabre Norris gets air.

TweetFacebookNewcastle’s Sabre Norris is sticking to her goal to skateboard for at the 2020 Olympics, despite facing a challenging medical condition.

The 13-year-old talented skateboarder and surfer made waves around the world in 2016 afterreceiving a wildcard entry to Sydney International Women’s Surf Pro, aged 11.

Hertelevision interview with Karl Stefanovic went viral after she poked fun at her dad, former Olympic swimming medallist Justin Norris, which led toappearances on The Ellen Show.

Sabre Norris, 11, won Ellen’s heart after her appearance on The Ellen Show. Photo: YouTube

Having conquered skate ramps, big waves and the limelight, the pint-sized athlete now faces a bigger challenge with her health.

She has been diagnosed with the condition Chiari malformation, which causes her brain tissue to extend into her spinal canal.

It’s thought that this condition may be affecting her pituitary gland because she hasn’t been growing.

“The medical result means I need to show more heart and put in more hours than anyone else,” she said.

Sabre said her goal remains to “represent my country, hopefully at the Olympics in skateboarding”.

“I’ve got to learn to live with it,” Sabre said. “If you’ve got something wrong with you, you’ve got to accept it and not hide it.

“You need to tell someone about it, so you don’t feel so alone.”

Sabre says it has been difficult, but she has a lot of support.

Biggy, Naz, Sockie and Sabre Norris.

“I do cry in my bed a lot,” she said. “I’m scared of it getting worse and not being able to skate and surf again.

“I’ve got good brothers and sisters and they always help me through it and give me a lot of cuddles.”


The siblings who love to laughSabre Norris takes down the trollsSabre and her brother Biggy and sisters Sockie and Naz have been making successful videos on social media.

The videos show a strong connection and much love between the siblings.

“I’m very lucky to have the family that I have,” Sabre said.

“They’re always there for me, they care about how I feel and they’re very selfless.”

Sockie, 10, gives Sabre lots of love.

“It’s a little bit tricky, she is going through a tough time,” Sockie said.

“We’re always going to be there for Sabre. Hopefully it all works out because we love her.”

Biggy, 9, said he gives Sabre hugs and motivational speeches to help her.

“I say ‘Sabre, you can do it, you’re the best. You can skate your way to the Olympics and you can be anything’.”

One symptom of the condition is scoliosis, which Sabre has been diagnosed with.

However, she has no other symptoms at present and has been able to continue skateboarding and surfing.

She was skateboarding at Bondi Skate Park on Tuesday morning, before heading for an MRI scan in Sydney for a further analysis of her condition.

The Herald, Newcastle

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