VIDEO: Crawford Brothers are focusing in on pop ambitions

ON A MISSION: Hinton duo The Crawford Brothers are aiming for the stars with their latest single Highlife.

THE Crawford Brothers aren’t hiding it. They’re crystal clear about their intentions.

They want to become certified pop stars and enjoy all the spoils it entails –the fame, the women and the money.

The Hinton duo’s latest single Highlife, completewith the self-produced and self-fundedHollywood-style music video, perfectly encapsulateswhat Ben and Zac Crawford are aiming to achieve.

Think limousines, country mansions, yachts with bikini girls, fancy hotel suites and lots and lots of cash, and you’ve got the idea.

“The original melody for the chorus, my brother [Zac] came up with it in LA,” Ben said.

“It was a spontaneous melody and then we started putting themesaround it. We had the general lyric about the highlife andextravagant lifestyles and the pinnacle of success. Something everyone can relate to.”

The Crawford Brothers have had plenty oftime in LA since 2015honing their craft among music industry representatives fromAtlantic Records andUniversal Music Group.

It’s spawned a debut self-titled EP which featured the track Feel thatwon the rock category of the 2016John Lennon Songwriting Competition, set up by the late Beatle’s widow Yoko Ono.

The Crawford Brothers are no strangers to accolades. They were formerly known as rock band Powerage, whowon the2010 YouthRock, a statewide competition that helped propel Silverchair to fame.

While Powerage and even early Crawford Brothers songs focused ona traditional rock sound, Highlife embraces aslicker pop instrumentation with elements of funk, soul and hip-hop aimed to get dance floors pumping.

Ben promises the secondsingle You and I will be a different beast.

The Crawford Brothers – Highlife“The girls will love it. It has more love themes,” he said.“I think Highlife is appealing to the fellas, or everyone really, but Youand I is more of a heartfelt tear-jerker.”

The Crawford Brothers were previously a four-piece featuringdrummer Adam Harris and bassist Ben Lawrence, but two years ago the two blonde-haired siblings made the decision to go it alone and handle allduties in the studio.

“It seems to just work a lot easier,” Ben said.

“My brother and I are on the same page and we’ve been at it together for 13 years now so it’s a lot more smooth sailing and not too many minds in the one pot.”

For the upcoming tour to support Highlife and You and I The Crawford Brothers will be joined by Newcastle drummer Hudson Wallace and Mexican bass playerRocko Van Köperen.They met VanKöperen in LA after he travelled from Mexico to Californiato follow his dream of joining a band.

“We ended up connecting with him on a brotherly level, it was crazy, and we did a heap of shows around America with him and at the end he had to sadly depart andgo home,” Ben said.

“We kept in good contact and we’re going to bring him over this year and tour and then jet back to the States and tour there.”

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